Watch Repair Services

From battery changes to complete watch overhaul and restoration, we offer a wide variety of watch repair services to meet your needs. Click on the diagram below to learn more about the services we provide.

BAND REPLACEMENT AND REPAIR carries thousands of bands in a wide variety of styles and colors. We can quickly and easily replace your watchband to improve the look and feel of your timepiece.

Additionally, due to our existing relationships with many national brands, we are able to obtain original bands, clasps, buckles and bracelets for many watches. In the event your band has been discontinued we can find a similar look from our in-house assortment.
We carry a wide variety of manmade and synthetic bands including:
  • Stainless steel
  • Genuine leather
  • Silicone, rubber, nylon and more

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Precision timepieces require more than just a new battery to keep running their best. At, our technicians are trained to perform minor maintenance with every battery replacement. This attention to detail extends the life and improves the performance of your favorite timepiece.

Our technicians inspect the gaskets, stem and crown as they open the case. They then clean contacts and replace and lubricate the gasket before inserting a high quality and long-lasting battery. We use primarily Swiss Renata batteries in our battery repairs to ensure your watch maintains smooth operation.


Routine maintenance is needed to keep any machine functioning at peak performance and timepieces are no exception. At, we have developed a multi-step inspection process to inspect, clean, and overhaul timepieces so they'll be up and running for years to come. We recommend a routine watch overhaul every three to five years to keep you timepiece performing as designed.

You can expect the team at to:
  • Inspect stem and crown
  • Clean and lubricate gaskets
  • Clean, oil, and adjust the movement
  • Replace any non-functioning parts, if necessary
  • Polish the case and remove any scratches
  • Clean and polish the crystal (or replace, if necessary)
If you tire of your automatic movement, we can convert your timepiece to a high-grade, hassle-free quartz movement.

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The watch crystal, often referred to as the lens, glass or face is an important part of the look and function of any timepiece. A broken or scratched crystal can be unsightly and if not properly fitted can allow moisture and/or debris to accumulate within the watch and compromise its function.

Crystals can be made of acrylic, mineral glass, sapphire or a hybrid combination. High-end crystals are often made from or coated with sapphire, which provides extreme protection from scratches and everyday wear and tear. Our skilled technicians can identify and replace the crystal for any timepiece of any brand and even custom cut and shape crystals to fit your particular timepiece.


Accidents happen and when they do, you can count on the experts at to help. We can re-attach markers and other dial elements or repair any loose or broken hands. If your vintage watch dial is starting to show its age, our team can give the dial a face-lift to restore it to its original form.

This involves creating a printing plate using the design on the original dial. Then, the raised markers are removed and replaced if necessary. The dial is stripped down to bare metal, and a new finish is applied to match the original. The print is then applied to the dial using the plate that was created earlier.

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Over time, your watchcase or bracelet may start to lose its shine. Our detailing service will restore the original shine and brilliance to your watch. First we remove all traces of contamination on the bracelet and case using our state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning process. Then we gently remove superficial scratches on our buffing and polishing equipment to restore the watch to like-new condition.

For customers desiring a unique look, we recommend our bead blasting service. The final satin finish will allow you to proudly stand out in a crowd.

Often, watches hold personal and sentimental value and if you’d like to engrave a name, statement or personal message, we can emboss it through traditional or laser engraving.


Sometimes referred to as a knob and dial, the crown and stem on new and vintage timepieces can be delicate and may easily deform or break under pressure or impact. Without these key pieces, setting the time is impossible. The professional watchmakers at have the expertise to identify and install the appropriate replacement stem and crown while inspecting your timepiece for any additional damage or wear.

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It is essential that your timepiece is able to withstand humidity, atmospheric conditions, and water to maintain proper function. While no watch is technically ‘water proof’ your timepiece has been rated to a specific level of water resistance at the factory, and gaskets and seals should be lubricated or replaced regularly to maintain the integrity of the watchcase.

At, our testing processes are state-of-the-art and ensure that your watch maintains an appropriate level of water resistance so you can enjoy your watch with confidence.

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